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The Different Types of Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are a timeless style for leather jackets men and women alike. They are versatile and durable, and can be either classy or edgy depending on the intent of the wearer and the type of leather jacket being worn.

There are many different types of leather jackets that one can choose from. The type you wear likely depends on your own style and the statement that you want to make with your appearance.

Here are some of the various types of leather jackets:

• The bomber. This classic type, arguably the most well-known, was first made around the World War II period and was given to both American and British pilots (hence the “bomber” name). The jackets helped to keep pilots warm in cockpits that often got rather chilly. Bombers are known for their front zip and classic appearance that remained popular long after the war was over. This is likely the kind of jacket that most people picture when they think about leather jackets.

• Motorcycle jacket. Also known as a “rocker jacket,” these leather jackets are tailored for a tight fit. They first became popular during the 1950s, and still remain a widely worn variant today. Many motorcyclists opt for these jackets as they offer excellent protection from the wind and elements while riding their bikes.

• Perfecto jacket. A variant of a motorcycle jacket, this type of jacket has a much more vintage appearance and a tighter fit. It was created in the 1920s and became synonymous with “bad boy” and many movie icons, like Indiana Jones and various Marlon Brando characters.

• Barn jacket. Also known as a “field jacket,” this variant is a longer version of a jacket that often extends down to the wearer’s thigh. They button up front and often have fleece or flannel linings.

• Blazers. You can find blazers and sport coats in leather. The styles for these are much more fluid than most other leather clothes, so they aren’t necessarily as versatile as the other types of leather jackets already mentioned.

• Trench coats. You can also find trench coats in leather, many of which come with fur trim (real or fake) or with sheep fleece linings.

Consider these various types of jackets as you find your search for the right item for you and your wardrobe. Each one has a unique style and appearance that could become your own signature trait as you go out and about!

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