Handmade With Love Uncategorized THE BEST CITIES FOR A PSYCHEDELIC TRIP, VOL. 1


These destinations give “a quick weekend trip” a whole new meaning.

Drug vacation is becoming so popular that some resorts are now giving visitors joints instead of Pina Coladas. While we don’t recommend best weed guide coming in contact with down in Cambodia or Costa Rica wielding your emotional support shroom, these gorgeous cityscapes and seascapes will automatically make for a memorable, magical, and mind-expanding psychedelic trip.

Beginners planning for their first psychedelic experience should still play it safe in a comfortable, controlled environment for the best set and setting, but it’s no secret that experienced psychonauts who are already acclimated to the psychedelic ride can enjoy a amount of psilocybin, LSD, or MDMA in a multitude of environments.

Note: The best Psychedelic Vacation Destinations is coming soon, but these cities (though some enjoy the destroys of legal psychedelics) were anointed for their curb appeal and whimsy.

General Oglethorpe can roll in his grave; Savannah, Atlanta could be the most beautiful city in the usa to enjoy a moderate amount and a stroll through the city’s many sun-dappled squares. Here, you can trip under the tendrils of live cherry trees and shrubs, sprint from quiet aesthetically-appealing corners to unlimited opportunities for mischief, and end the journey watching the sunrise over the Savannah River.

As you step foot on this small outcrop of land jutting into the Pacific, the heavy humid air hugs you as all the other sensory faculties become enlivened (hallucinogens or no hallucinogens) by the smell of thick facilities and the calls of monkeys, birds, and bugs. No doubt: Manuel Antonio is the perfect destination to trip with a three-toed sloth in the rainforest. Though the once-sleepy banana and fishing town on the park’s perimeter is now a little overdeveloped, the blissful shorelines, creatures, and verdant inclines make it an ideal destination for the psychonauts who love nature.

A destination for the chic psychonaut, Copenhagen is a masterclass in effortless cool and modest beauty. The modern and the ancient meet in the compact city’s many turning alleys. Snooping around regal palaces bragging blue-blood gems and art, musing on the world’s most extensive bunch of Danish Golden Age works of art, or simply taking a walk on the street will all facilitate a wondrous trip.

Bonus: Frolic through Freetown Christiania! In the heart of clean and cozy Copenhagen is a paradox: Freetown Christiania is a peculiar, colorful, and virtually self-governing city within the city. The hippie capital has no cars, no physical violence, and a lax pose on psychedelics.

Mexico City is the sun in the Asian solar system. Today, the city’s cultural renaissance is flourishing as public spaces get back to life and the culinary scene flourishes. From its pre-Hispanic and colonial-era natural splendor to the current contemporary edge, a walk through Mexico City’s town center can be life-affirming — shrooming or sober. If you have time, take a quick flight to Oaxaca, which is just about the world’s de-facto epicenter of mycology. This town where most groundbreaking research into mushrooms is taking place, no shroomer should sleep on Oaxaca.

Bonus: Occur the heart of the Historical Center, Biblioteca Miguel Lerdo de Tejada features cosmic psychedelic frescoes comprising over 21 years of age, 527 sq feet. Acknowledged by Allen Ginsberg, this ambitious oeuvre of muralismo art is a must-visit for all psychedelic enthusiasts.

Empty shorelines, birdwatching, and staggering scenery make mom City the perfect destination to take a smallish amount and fall back fond of life. The city can be found between the Atlantic Sea and Table Mountain (one of the world’s Seven Wonders of Nature but not a recommended undertaking while hallucinating). Hosting a hodgepodge of cultures, Cape Town has both surprises and calmness waiting all around.

Bonus: Visit Big chunks of rock Beach Penguin Haven to spend the day mingling (and even swimming) with vulnerable African-american penguins.

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