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Sauna Stoves – Wood Burning, Gas or Electric?

Which type of sauna stove or sauna heater is best is truly a matter of opinion. Sure, one type of heater may be better than another in certain conditions and circumstances, but the bottom line seems to be that wood burning, gas and electric sauna stoves each have their own appeal. According to authority Mikkel Aaland, “Whether to use an electric, gas, or wood burning unit is the first decision in sauna building.” And the author contends that it’s a decision that may be influenced by geographic location. “If you live in the country where firewood is plentiful and fires have minimum of environmental impact,” writes Aaland, “the wood burning unit is the best performer and must be considered the first choice.” Few people would contest the claim that wood burning units help to create an almost seductive ambiance for the bather – one of soft heat, a pleasant outdoorsy aroma, and the calming sound of a crackling fire. The use of wood burning stoves can also encourage a more intimate relationship with nature – one in which the bather may cut and carry his or her own wood and tend to the fire. In many areas, however, local building codes, insurance costs and regulations about wood burning units may prevent you from using or owning this type of sauna heater.

If that is the case, you may have to choose between an electric and gas unit. The resulting ambiance will likely be less alluring for some people, but others will appreciate the added convenience, especially when the time comes to clean the unit. Unlike wood burning units, electric and gas suana stoves create no ashes. Logic suggests that you may want a gas stove if you live in a gas-heated home and an electric unit if you heat your home by wood heaters electricity. However, give some thought to the argument that gas equipment may offer some economic advantages over their electric counterparts. One advantage is that the heat in a gas-fired room tends to be more consistent and easier to regulate, making the gas sauna unit more user-friendly. As well, there may be areas where it’s difficult to get electricity to your sauna, so a gas heater might be the more practical choice. Although wood burning units and gas heaters each have their own following, the electric sauna stove is by far the most popular type available, especially in urban areas.

Marketed on their efficiency, sleekness, safety features and wide range of sizes, electric sauna stoves are also noteworthy because, unlike wood burning and gas equipment, they don’t give off any odor when they are operating. Electric units, wood burning and gas sauna heaters each contribute in their own special way to make bathing in the soothing setting of a personal suana an experience worth repeating again and again. To find out which type of sauna unit is right for your needs, seek out a qualified sauna manufacturer or retailer. But be warned, if they can’t answer your questions about sauna equipment, they really don’t know that much about saunas either.

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