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These days SAP jobs are changing frequently similar to any other IT job. Where there are available 10 jobs there are hardly 4 or 5 candidates come to apply. Post slump, the causes are apparent, short of budgets, delaying in new implementations, common market slump and so on.

But, all is not vanished yet. There are still plenty of SAP jobs. And a lot others are going to arise as the economy gradually taking off again and boom town coming again after a bit slump.

So where an applicant should go for the jobs, it is sensible way to go to the abundant lands than hunt for jobs in a desert. A better SAP jobs market awareness can make all the distinction. Thus, where are the jobs at present, in no exacting order, but the below mentioned SAP modules are yet in demand if you have better training in any of the following modules:

• SAP Security & Basis


• SAP CRM Techno efficient

• SAP IS Retail



Of course the above given list is not comprehensive but is just to tell you to go in the trend where the SAP jobs are waiting for you.

However to be competent and deserving to acquire any available SAP job, one should upgrade his SAP skills through quality SAP training institutes, whether directly in classroom sessions or through online SAP tutorials or courses. So go for investing in quality and appropriate SAP training and it would pay you back.

Each IT professional is aware of that SAP jobs are the highest paid jobs payroll system hong kong in the market. And when the slump is going on each one desires to catch a job first, while here are few tips to follow:

• First be had better SAP training by selecting any module you like.

• There is option for you to have SAP training as a technological professional or as a functional expert.

• There are various self teaching materials accessible online these days, but what mostly recommended is to go through a better SAP training set up or an individual.

• Big number of skilled persons train through the internet and you can acquire some good SAP training module for below than USD:550/-

• Generally the SAP training will contain access to a SAP structure. Do negotiating and request further system access for some months. This will benefit you to make preparation for job interviews.

• If achievable acquire some SAP certification to reach at some well paid SAP jobs. This will add a lot better prospects in getting a job. This will cost USD: 1000/- approximately.

• Connect to some active SAP forums and monitor the forums for updated developments on the modules you are looking for to learn.


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