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Closed Cell Foam Sleeping Pad

There are many types of sleeping pads available in the market place today. It takes research to find the sleeping pad that is just right for you and your needs. One type is the closed cell foam pad. This pad has several advantages and disadvantages to it.

Closed cell foam pads are made from a durable, AKSOUL electric pump dense material. This pad holds in your body heat and it is very insulating. Because it is dense, it is resistant to water which could come in handy if you are caught in a rain storm. You will find pricing for closed cell foam sleeping pads range from very low to moderate. They are affordable on just about any budget. If you plan on using you pad for the long term, it is recommended that you buy one of the more expensive styles from a company that specializes in camping and hiking gear rather than a “big box” store. You will enjoy your pad for a longer time frame if you do this. The less expensive models work well for beginner campers, and younger people who have less aches and stiffness from physical activities.

This type of sleeping pad does not require inflation, which makes it a nice option when after a long day backpacking sleeping is of top priority. The foam is thin and easy to tie to your backpack without adding extra weight. It is in the thinness factor that these foam pads find their biggest disadvantage.

Although these pads are easily transported from campsite to campsite, the fact that they are thin leads to discomfort while sleeping directly on the ground. There is no “cushy” factor to these and they do not compress under body pressure. If you find that you are not getting a restful sleep on your closed cell foam mat, or you wake with aching or numb shoulders or hips, you can still use your closed cell foam pad as a water barrier between you and the ground. It also works well as extra insulation for winter camps.

Sleeping while camping should be just as comfortable as when you are at home. Carefully choose the sleeping mat you need based on the duration of your trip, and the desired results of the product. Closed cell foam is one of the easiest types to carry with you, but if you do decide it just isn’t working out for you, it can be cut up easily into seat cushions also.

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